September 11th – Never Forget

September 11th

September 11th

In memory of the lives that were lost 12 years ago on this day: September 11, 2001 we would like to take this time to dedicate this article to the lives of the victims of the 9/11 attack (and families/friends of victims). This event shocked the world, and today we would also like to recognize the brave and helpful Firefighters, Police Officers, and volunteers who assisted during that time. America will never forget. Let us all come together on this day. United we stand!


FaceBucks: Social Commerce Trending


The evolution of Facebook has changed social interaction forever. It started with sharing a basic profile, then photo albums and videos, interacting through online games quickly took over, and now social network shopping?


Facebook has slowly been integrating e-commerce platforms into their hat collection. Business profile pages are morphing into storefronts and enabling consumers to buy a product through the Facebook page instead of being redirected to a third party website. This is an important change for lots of reasons. First, social networking gives the user more control over marketing. What’s hot will be shared, promoted, and bought by friends/ followers, not marketing experts. Consumers will be walking, talking, blogging ads.

With shopping being integrated socially, storefronts can reach out to consumers on facebook who didn’t know they were in the market to buy anything. Imagine: you see on your newsfeed four friends just bought tickets to the Knicks game tonight, in just a few clicks you could use your Facebook credits, virtual cash, and voila you’re going to the game too! It’s all inclusive e-commerce. I see my friend Susan is having a rough day and click, I just sent flowers to her, “like”, I’m such a good friend. With this introduction of storefronts, advertising as we know it to be more socially inspired and less experts telling you what to buy. Facebook’s “social-commerce” allows new opportunities for brands to reach consumers. There is a new opportunity for products to go viral, which we rarely see outside holiday shopping sprees. This is also great way for small businesses to start up or increase their customer base. Storefronts can be set up for free or $233/year with bells and whistles and if you’re just starting out that’s a pretty meager budget that can offer a lot in return.


How to Buy

8thBridge and Payvment are the two start-up companies which have had the most interaction with this new feature on Facebook, each offers a different method of purchasing goods.


8thBridge has teamed with companies like Delta Airlines, HauteLook, and 1800-Flowers by enticing customers to buy products through their newsfeed.  They create an image that looks like a video file and can be shared on newsfeed.  When “play” is clicked, the user can scroll through a product gallery. Consumers shopping this way are more likely to share their purchases will friends, enticing them to buy something as well. Tomio Geron reports in Forbes Magazine, “Flash sales have been especially popular on Facebook. A special deal  8thBridge ran for designer goods retailer HauteLook on Dec. 7 with designer Diane von Furstenberg generated more than $100,000 in sales in one day, and 40% of those sales were from new HauteLook members.” If 40 thousand new customers isn’t enough to get you excited I don’t know what is!


Payvment specializes in generating online shopping malls through a Facebook page. They offer a “social commerce” platform setting up e-shops consumers can buy directly from. Targeting small to mid-size businesses, owners can launch a storefront through Facebook in just 15 minutes and easily share sales and promotions throughout the social network of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.  Currently Payvment has over 100,000 active sellers.


I think most business owners would agree social commerce is a new and exciting way to connect with consumers. Facebook breaks ground once again, sharing every thought to thread.



Keyword Research: Understanding Your Customers

The importance of understanding your keywords cannot be understated. Keywords are the words or phrases that your prospects type into a search engine when they are looking for you product or service. In order to properly attract these prospects, you have to know what they are typing. Properly researching this is critical, because assumptions and guess-work are often off-the-mark. Understanding what your prospects search for can also provide insight into their motivations to buy. … Continue Reading